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Art (Arthur/Merlin, Big Bang Art, PG)

Fic: The Pentagram Sacrifices, by unbidden_truth
Media: Photoshop
Rating/Warnings: Skeleton, Pentagram, so PG

The Pentagram Sacrifices - BannerCollapse )

Links to the story and a post on AO3 will be added later.

Merlin Big Bang

I've got my assignment for paperlegends.

I'm excited to work on some stuff again. I really should open Photoshop more often. *g*


So, should I take part?

On the one hand: this is the last one and I have so many Merlin-Feelings after the finale...

on the other hand: I don't have that much time.

Decisions, decisions.

Hello again...

So, I'm still here, in case anyone was wondering.

I just wanted to give you lovely people a life sign from me.

And I'm new the the Archive of our Own: sandrainthesun

I'll put my fanart up there, probably very slowly. Should there be new stuff I'll post it here too. And I hope there will be some Sterek in the future, because, Hello, new and grumpy OTP.

It's a shame that Sterek and Arthur/Merlin have to face off in that After-Elton-Thing. I wanted to vote for Sterek, but my loyalty for Arthur/Merlin just wouldn't let me.

And Glee is back, on Fridays (I count it as friday, because I only get to watch it then)! Which is less good for my usual way to get through the week: two days, GLEEDAY, already thursday, yeah friday! But at least I only have a half day on friday which means i get to see the episode at 1 pm when I get home.

Random side note: I think I love Stiles from Teen Wolf so much because he reminds me of Kurt. Not personality wise, but kinda the same home situation and the outside factor. Anyway, there are many feelings involved.


Art (Kurt/Blaine Reverse Big Bang, G)

Title: to follow
Author: writerdragonfly
Rating: to follow
Word Count: to follow
Warnings (if any): to follow
Fic Summary: to follow

Link to Fic: to follow

...Collapse )


Art ( Kurt/Blaine Reverse Bang, PG)

Title: Play My Soul
Author: dreams_and_oj
Rating: fic nc-17/art pg-13
Word Count: 29,538 words
Warnings (if any): domestic violence, abuse, infidelity, age difference (older!kurt)
Fic Summary: Music is Blaine's great love, but when Cooper takes him to see famous pianist Kurt's concert for his birthday, he gets more than he ever bargained for.

Link to Fic: play my soul

...Collapse )



Still here, hello!

I'm terribly uncreative these days. The last things I made were for the Klaine Reverse Big Bang which starts in June. Today I wanted to open Photoshop and just make something, but nothing. That's frustrating.

So, please just throw something at me (and I don't mean rocks or rotten eggs, ideas would be good ;)

Characters, colors, lyrics, crossover ideas,...

My current fandoms are Glee, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Jane Austen, movies...

But perhaps something else would inspire too.

I can't promse that I'll make everything, but some things have to come out eventually.

So, now I'm gonna go to bed and enjoy the fact that I can sleep in tomorrow. Thank god for bank holidays. *g*


Art (Glee, Kurt/Blaine, G, Cover)

I've read the wonderful story Everyday by whatiknew whic I started sobbing and ended smiling.

It's about Kurt in the future in NY who's happily married to Blaine, successful in his job and living the good life. But then he gets hit by a taxi and ends up in a coma. After he wakes up he can't remember this. In his mind he's 14, back in school before his coming out, before the Hudmels, before Glee and before Blaine.

Anyway, I felt really inspired and made a little banner:

EverydayCollapse )


Merlin Reverse Big Bang - Art # 3

So, this is my third, and last, entry for the Merlin Reverse Big Bang:

memories...Collapse )

lawgoddess wrote a pinchhit story for this, which you can find here: (link to follow)

Merlin Reverse Big Bang - Art # 2

This is my second entry for the Merlin Reverse Big Bang.

lolafeist wrote a wonderful story for the pictures, which you can find here (link to follow). I suggest reading first because the art seriously spoils the ending. (Oh, and one of the pics i huge, so beware)

Anyway, enjoy:

The Bones have a Name...Collapse )